Re-submit your Covid 19 Declaration

    You must fill in this form periodically prior to attending Bath Sword Club training sessions, to reconfirm that you do not have Covid-19 to the best of your knowledge and to reconfirm your track and trace details. The interval between resubmitting this form is every 3 weeks, but you will be asked to fill it out when necessary by the coaches. This form assumes no significant changes from the information already provided - especially pertaining to your emergency contact and underlying health conditions, if these have changed please fill out the Covid Declaration form instead.

    Should you want us to delete this data from our records at a later date please contact us and we will delete any records we keep after the mandatory 21 days track and trace requirement.

    Please complete the form to confirm that

    • your details have not changed since you filled in the covid declaration form

    • you do not have Covid symptoms

    • you understand your responsibilities should you develop symptoms

    • you understand the requirements on you regarding preparedness for training sessions

    Contact details

    I confirm that I am fit to participate