Independant Kit Suppliers

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of suppliers and will not be kept up to date regularly. It is your responsibility to search out suppliers and shop around!

You are strongly advised to ask for advice from the Club before starting to purchase fencing kit and to try out the different options at the club before deciding what suits you.  We have put together some basic advice here.

Local Suppliers and suppliers offering a discount to members

Allstar Uhlmann is an established UK fencing equipment supplier.  They are based in Slough and have an online presence at  

They offer a 10% discount to Bath Sword Club members and to obtain this discount your order must be made in the shop or by telephone (01753 517 636).

Hay Sports is a local fencing kit supplier operating from the South West of England. They do not currently offer a specific discount to Bath Sword Club members but offer good value on a range of items.  They do not currently have a web site but can be contacted at

PBT-Uk are a popular UK fencing equipment supplier.  They are located in Aldershot and have an online presence at  

They offer a 10% discount to Bath Sword Club members.  This can be applied in the shop, by phone or online (enter code BSFCCM at the checkout)

Other Suppliers

Leon Paul is a popular UK brand based in Hendon.  Their website is 

Excalibur Sports
The Fencing Shop

Second Hand Kit

Care should always be taken buying second hand kit but especially when buying kit from people unknown to you and auction sites.  Standards change making kit obsolete and there can be be small differences in kit which may not be made clear and can catch out the unwary.  Two good sources of second hand kit are below. Always take care (ask a coach or equipment supplier if in doubt) that you know the protection levels of the kit you are buying and the standards you need for you requirements and the size of the weapon you are buying!

Bath Sword Club sells 2nd hand kit for members. Currently a sale is held on one Thursday a month although we are aiming to slowly add the kit to an online list here