Bath Sword Epee

Epee People


Epee Coach

Sandra is a qualified coach in all 3 weapons although she focuses more on Epee (level 3) and Foil (level 2). Last year she went to Hungary to an international coach development camp (achieving an F.I.E coaching diploma).

She has been coaching in schools in the South West of England for the last 7 years and has more recently become closely involved in forging links between Bath Sword Club and the wider community.

Over the last year she has become increasingly involved with coach education for British fencing.

Epee Coach

Ben is a qualified coach of all three weapons with Level 3 in both Foil and Epee. Having recently finished a Master’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath he is now coaching professionally in schools and clubs around the South West.

Senior Club Epee Mentor

Paul is a member of Bath Sword Club who fences Epee and regualrly competes in various competitions on the national circuit (senior and verterans). He recently represented the UK at the World Veterans fencing championships in Italy.

Paul is a regular attendee of the senior epee club. As a mentor and experienced fencer he will help any new members with our arcane ways and offer (non contractually binding!) advice should you ask him.