Covid 19 Declaration

    You must fill in this form prior to attending Bath Sword Club training sessions. We are only asking you to fill this form in once but please be aware that you should contact the club if you contract Covid-19 after attending a session or if any of the answers you give below changes before you attend your next session. Due to track and trace requirements you will need to submit a separate form with your email address every 21 days to confirm nothing has changed (if anything does change please fill in this form again, or contact us to let us know)

    There are 2 sections

    • The 'Contact details' section will be used both to comply with track and trace requirements and to update our membership records

    • The 'Confirmation that I am fit to participate' section is a list of requirements that have become necessary due to the Covid Pandemic

    Should you want us to delete this data from our records at a later date please contact us and we will delete any records we keep after the mandatory 21 days track and trace requirement.

    Please complete the form to confirm that

    • you do not have symptoms

    • you understand your responsibilities should you develop symptoms

    • you understand the requirements on you regarding preparedness for training sessions

    Contact details

    Emergency Contact: (required)

    Confirmation that I am fit to participate

    Please check the boxes beside each statement to confirm you have read and agree to each statement. If you cannot agree to any of these statements please do not travel to any sessions until you are able to agree. If you are in any doubt please contact the club COVID-19 officer (Tim Miles) for more advice.

    • Fever

    • New, persistent, dry cough

    • Shortness of breath

    • Loss of taste or smell

    • Diarrhoea or vomiting

    • Muscle aches not related to sport/training

    (the temporary rules imposed during the pandemic can be found here)