Important Club Announcements

Junior Fencing to Restart

We are pleased to announce that at long last we will be able to reopen the junior section of Bath Sword Club.  This has not been an easy task finding a venue that would allow us reopen, especially as Founders Hall is still off limit to the club, but we have found a suitable place just around the corner.

It is our proposal to trial for the month of October regular training sessions at RALPH ALLEN SCHOOL (Claverton Down Road, Bath, BA2  7AD) on Saturday 10th, 17th , 24th , & 31st October for 1:30pm to 3:30pm.  We aim to run the sessions much like the way the club has run on Mondays & Thursdays but with the difference of working in key bubbles of 6 and is available for all members under 18.  Please note for the first couple of sessions only those with their own fencing kit will be permitted to spar on the boxes.  If you are without any kit, we will be investigating a leasing system based on numbers, and you will need to make yourself known.

If you are interested in attending please can you let me know and ensure that you have completed the Bath Sword Club covid-19 declaration form(https://bathswordclub.co.uk/covid19-form/) and have read the club guidelines for fencing during these times (https://bathswordclub.co.uk/covid_rules/ ).  We regret we can not allow you to attend these sessions without completing this form.

October Update on Club Payments

Currently we are looking  for a venue that will allow more fencing, most notably,  for our junior section within the club.  We hope to have news of this soon.  We have been able to partially reopen the senior section of the club, by way of weapon bubbles for 6 hours a week at Freshford Hall (Monday (Sabre), Tuesday (Epee) and Thursday (Foil).

Many of the club have been very patient and have continued to pay their monthly membership all throughout lockdown and beyond.  On behalf of the club I would like to thank you all for doing so.  This has enabled the club to survive during these testing times.  However, the committee now feel that we are not able to fully provide you with the regular, consistent fencing that your membership deserves. Therefore it is now our proposal to allow members the to freeze their memberships and take up a new option of paying  £10.00 per hour by using PayPal. The clubs’ nightly costs have greatly reduced as we are currently using Freshford and feel that by giving our members this option, paying as you fence offers a fairer value for money.

You have 2 options, whilst we are out of Founder Hall:

  1. Continue to pay your monthly membership
  2. Or opt to move to pay as you fence and pay hourly £10 via the Pay Pal link on the website https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/BathSwordClub

 The club will review this policy at the end of October and continue to monitor the situation going forwards should we not get back to the Founders Hall within the next few weeks. 

Once the club is back in Founders we will instruct all members to return monthly fees.

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please let us know and we will clear our records.

Bath Sword Club Committee

September 2020 Update

Currently we have not heard from the University concerning our return at present we are enquiring with various local venues for a temporary home (if you know of any such venue please contact either Andy Courtney or Tim Miles).

At the moment we have a small venue for up to 6 invited fencers at a time (per hour) at Freshford Village Hall BA2 7UR:

Monday: 8pm-9pm and 9pm-10pm (2 hours)

Tuesday: 8:30pm-9:30pm and 9:30pm-10:30pm (2 hours)

Thursday 8pm-9pm (2 hours)

In order to be able to fence you must

  • register a declaration of interest ( https://bathswordclub.co.uk/covid19-form/ declaring yourself free from Covid-19 (please note there is currently no need to resubmit your details as our track and trace requirements will be be fulfilled by the coaches inviting you to a session and registering your presence) 
  • be a paid up member of the British Fencing
  • be a member of BSC as of March 2020 

Please ensure that you have read the current club rules (https://bathswordclub.co.uk/covid_rules/).  


There are online sessions for Junior sabreurs. Coach Nat Lewis runs a 30 min ‘Zoom games and footwork session’ on Monday mornings from 10:00. Parents – if you want your child to get involved please contact nat directly through facebook or by email at alchemist1289@googlemail.com.

Our coaches & partners are continually creating training resources.  You can start to explore these on our website here ( please be aware that the links and videos will direct you to other sites – Youtube for example ).   

Bath Sword Club, established in 1948 has been a part of the local community for the last 70 years. The club encourages fencers of all abilities and ambitions, and prides itself on its inclusive and friendly atmosphere.  We enjoy fencing and promoting all 3 weapons and have a senior club member as a mentor in each weapon to help new members participate in club nights and competitions as they likeCoaching is provided by professional, qualified coaches.

Bath Sword Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) run by a Committee of volunteers.  We employ highly qualified professional coaches catering for all levels, from  beginners to potential Olympians and from juniors beginning their journiney in fencing to veteran fencers (some of whom are also begninning their journey into fencing!).  Our youngest member is 8 and our oldest member still regularly competing is in his 70s.

Our club members have a wide range of ability, from those just beginning fencing to those competing at international and world championship level. All are welcome and catered for, fencing is a fantastic sport to engage children and adults alike.  Our motto is 


The club has a tradition of hosting innovative events for the fencing community – the populur Excalibur competition – an annual inter -county competition.  Hosting BYC events and this this year introducing a junior Excalibur competition the UK’s only inter-county competition for juniors. 


We link with all sorts of organisations to provide programs to include more fencers at a grass roots level and to progress more experienced fencers to be the best they can be…

British Fencing Talent Development
British Veterans Fencing Association
Sport England Active Lives
Team Bath Talent Development Centre
South West Fencing
South West Fencing Regional Hub