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Important Club Announcements

The 2nd Bruniges Team Challenge has been announced...

Applications for the Rob Bruniges Memorial Fund are now closed and that the next round of applications will be held in the Autumn 2024

Bath Sword Club, established in 1948 has been a part of the local community for the last 70 years. The club encourages fencers of all abilities and ambitions, and prides itself on its inclusive and friendly atmosphere.  We enjoy fencing and promoting all 3 weapons and have a senior club member as a mentor in each weapon to help new members participate in club nights and competitions as they likeCoaching is provided by professional, qualified coaches.

Bath Sword Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) run by a Committee of volunteers.  We employ highly qualified professional coaches catering for all levels, from  beginners to potential Olympians and from juniors beginning their journey in fencing to veteran fencers (some of whom are also beginning their journey into fencing!).  Our youngest member is 8 and our oldest member still regularly competing is in his 70s.

Our club members have a wide range of ability, from those just beginning fencing to those competing at international and world championship level. All are welcome and catered for, fencing is a fantastic sport to engage children and adults alike.  Our motto is 


The club has a tradition of hosting innovative events for the fencing community – the popular Excalibur competition – an annual inter -county competition.  Hosting BYC events and this this year introducing a junior Excalibur competition the UK’s only inter-county competition for juniors. 

Would you like to Join the club ? Please fill in the membership form  

Please note that with immediate effect, the University has extended the payment period for parking from 5pm to 8pm so if you park any earlier than 8pm, please ensure that you make the £1 payment via the JustPark app

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We link with all sorts of organisations to provide programs to include more fencers at a grass roots level and to progress more experienced fencers to be the best they can be…

British Fencing Talent Development
British Veterans Fencing Association
Sport England Active Lives
Team Bath Talent Development Centre
South West Fencing
South West Fencing Regional Hub

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