Covid Rules

Terms and Conditions for fencers attending a Bath Sword Club Covid Safe Session

  • Enter through main door and observe the one way system exiting through fire doors.
  • Only enter the building when prompted to do so by supervising coach.
  • Use the hand sanitiser (available on the desk at the entry point to the hall).
  • Take club mask if required (available on the desk at the entry point to the hall).
  • Fencers to maintain a 2 metre distance from each other at all times when possible.
  • Face coverings to be used at all times inside the hall whilst not fencing.
  • Face coverings are advised when fencing but not mandatory. 
  • Observe conditions of bouts as instructed by supervising coach.
  • Fencing bags to be left in designated areas defined by the supervising coach. 
  • Fencers to arrive changed ready to fence as much a possible upon entry to the hall.
  • One in one out policy on toilets and changing areas. 
  • Fencers to bring own water bottles and first aid equipment. 
  • Equipment must not be shared by fencers and scoring equipment to be wiped down with disinfectant wipes as directed by supervising  coach after bouts. 
  • Bouts to last no longer than ten minutes fencing time or fifteen minutes elapsed time.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in fencers being barred from future sessions at the discretion of the supervising coach. 

All terms and conditions have been formulated in line with British Fencing guidance and club risk assessment a copy of which may be obtained from the committee on request.