Bath Sword Club

A message about new payment options

Dear Club Members,


I do hope this email finds you and your family well.  I am writing this to try and bring all of you up to date with the news of Bath Sword Club.  As you all know we are still not permitted back into the Founders Hall and with the rising cases of Covid-19, I very much doubt we will be making a return soon.  Currently we are looking  for a venue that will allow more fencing, most notably,  for our junior section within the club.  We hope to have news of this soon.  We have been able to partially reopen the senior section of the club, by way of weapon bubbles for 6 hours a week at Freshford Hall (Monday (Sabre), Tuesday (Epee) and Thursday (Foil).


Many of the club have been very patient and have continued to pay their monthly membership all throughout lockdown and beyond.  On behalf of the club I would like to thank you all for doing so.  This has enabled the club to survive during these testing times.  However, the committee now feel that we are not able to fully provide you with the regular, consistent fencing that your membership deserves. Therefore it is now our proposal to allow members the option to freeze their memberships and take up a new option of paying  £10.00 per hour by using PayPal. The clubs’ nightly costs have greatly reduced as we are currently using Freshford and feel that by giving our members this option, paying as you fence offers a fairer value for money.


You have 2 options, whilst we are out of Founder Hall:


  1. Continue to pay your monthly membership
  2. Or opt to move to pay as you fence and pay hourly £10 via the Pay Pal link on the website


The club will review this policy at the end of October and continue to monitor the situation going forwards should we not get back to the Founders Hall within the next few weeks. 


Once the club is back in Founders we will instruct all members to return monthly fees.


If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please let us know and we will clear our records.


Bath Sword Club Committee