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19th January 2018: England & Great Britain Selection

The selection process for the England teams to Paris & Wratislava, the GBR U20 & GBR Cadet squads have now been finalised.  Bath Sword Club have been successful with the following:

Bronwen Granville:  GBR Squad U20 & Cadet (Ladies Foil)

Jade Meyer: GBR Squad Cadet & Paris (Ladies Foil)

Emily Harbord: Paris (Ladies Foil)

Karolina Sniarowska (Poland): Cadet Foil

Tabby De N’Yeurt:  Wratislava England U15 Ladies Foil

Guinevere Kaye: Wratislava England U15 Ladies Sabre

 Bury: Wratislava England U15 Boys Epee

         Charlie Robbins: Wratislava England U15 Boys Epee & Foil

     Sam Horne: Wratislava England U13 Boys Sabre