Sept/Oct 2020 Update

Currently we have not heard from the University concerning our return at present we are enquiring with various local venues for a temporary home (if you know of any such venue please contact either Andy Courtney or Tim Miles).

A the moment we have a small venue for up to 6 invited fencers at a time (per hour) at Freshford Village Hall BA2 7UR:

Monday: 8pm-9pm and 9pm-10pm (2 Hours)

Tuesday: 8pm-9pm and 9pm-10pm (2 Hours)

And Thursday 8pm-9pm (1 Hour) (until 17th Oct 2020)

In order to be able to fence you must register a declaration of interest (  https://bathswordclub.co.uk/covid19-form/ declaring yourself free from Covid-19, be a paid up member of the British Fencing and a member of BSC (as of March 2020).

And you must resubmit a declaration every 3 weeks to remain within the current setup that permit you to fence (https://bathswordclub.co.uk/re-submit-your-covid-19-declaration/)

Please ensure that you have read the current club rules (https://bathswordclub.co.uk/covid_rules/).