Bath Sword Club Seniors and Veterans

If you would like too join us please fill out this membership form and bring it with you or email it to

Fees, schedules, coaching and benefits

Membership comes at £35 per month or £10 an evening for visitors

Fencing is available

Monday 8:30 to 10 pm

Thursday 8 to 10 pm

Coaching in all three weapons is available for members on Thursdays and – to a reduced extent – on Mondays (generally one to one, but the format may change – piste side, video, group or scenarios – at the discretion of the coaches)

We ask that you are a member of the British Fencing Association

Being a member of Bath Sword Club gains you a discount and a number of fencing kit suppliers

The club is proud to be a large weapon with healthy fencing sections in all three weapons and excellent coaching to help our fencers achieve their goals.

We welcome fencers of all levels, abilities, ages and aspirations.  Our membership includes beginners who aim to be international fencers, experienced fencers who fence socially, experienced fencers who excel and everywhere in between!

We foster close links with other local clubs and our regional body and try to arrange inter-club competitions and support regional competitions and training.

If you would like to join us please fill out this membership form.