Local & Regional

Competitions in the South West Region

JAN 19   entry via
13 GAFU Senior & Junior Champs Epee&Sabre (Glou Only) http://www.gafu-fencing.com/competitions.html
20 SUN DFCU Senior Champs Epee (Open) https://www.devonfencing.co.uk/
27 SUN EFSW AGE GROUPS CHAMPS FOIL (SW only) http://www.swfencing.co.uk
2  SAT SW AGE GROUPS CHAMPS SABRE(SW only) http://www.swfencing.co.uk
3  SUN SW AGE GRPUPS CHAMPS EPEE(SW only) http://www.swfencing.co.uk
3 SUN DCFU Senior FOIL Champs (OPEN) https://www.devonfencing.co.uk/
9+10 LPJS E,F, S   Cornwall http://www.leonpauljuniorseries.co.uk
24 SUN DCFU Senior Sabre Champs (Open) https://www.devonfencing.co.uk/
24 SUN GAFU Junior Foil(Glou only) http://www.gafu-fencing.com/competitions.html
17  SUN Wycliffe Year Group Challenge http://www.gafu-fencing.com/competitions.html
*Wellington Age Groups: Wellington is hoping to run this in June. Usual date has gone to other competitions.